Where will my interview take place?
The interview location will be in the retail centre near where the Grotto will located. We will contact you with the exact location, including directions, in the week prior.

How long will my interview last?
Up to 10 mins. Please know you can ask us any questions you might have.

What will I be asked in my interview?
Very easy questions! We are looking for friendly people who make a good impression. It is important to us that your interview be a pleasant experience. Many of our staff say it is the most enjoyable interview that they have ever had.

What makes a successful applicant?
Great Grottos look for enthusiastic people who enjoy being part of a team and are looking for a rewarding job role.

What shifts are available?
We need both full-time and part-time Grotto staff to work weekdays and weekends. We will record your availability to work at interview.

I’m uncertain which job role I would be most suited to...
So long as you have completed an interview booking, we can discuss other opportunities on the day.

What should I wear?
Smart casual. Super smart looks great too.

What should I bring with me?
CV, identification and a photo, please. We will take a photo of you if you do not have one.

I know someone who would be prefect for a role. Can I recommend them?
Yes! Send them to our application site: apply.greatgrottos.co.uk or they may apply by phone on 01306 886 989.

I’ve worked for Great Grottos for many seasons, do I need to attend an interview?
Yes. We like to catch up with our staff every year.

When will I be told if my application is successful?
We contact successful applicants up to two weeks after the interview. We are unable to contact unsuccessful applicants.

If you have any questions, call us on 01306 886 989.
We love hearing from our applicants and staff.